On the Rocks – Literally!

You will probably be able to balance yourself and walk on a narrow rail track for quite a long distance easily. Now just place that track two feet above the ground and it will be a bit more difficult to balance on it. Now place1 it 10 to 15 feet higher and you may feel daunted to even step on it. This is the factor called ‘exposure’, where just the ‘fear’ of falling from height reduces your ability to do things naturally and spontaneously.

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Come Trekking With Me!!

When we talk of Hiking', many often grumble & pass a typical comment, "What Hiking, Walking & climbing over the hills, doing nothing, a waste of time". They never will know the thrills of trekking. For them, the best sport & source of entertainment is the Television. All will sit glued to the screen watching all the programmes avidly, ready to miss even important appointments. In the bargain, what do they get? - a lot of nonsense up their minds,

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Are you Prepared for a Trek?

Ever since I have become a member of the Goa Hiking Association , I have had a opportunity to be associated with trekking activities in Goa, sometimes as a cialis online participant and at times as a part of organisers. I had an occasion last few years to meet these trekkers and I found that some of them dropped out midway because of health problems. It is really sad that after having come all the way from hundreds of miles they have to drop out

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