Join Us!

Be a part of the exciting Adventure by taking initiatives and involving yourself in the GHA activities by shouldering responsibility you too can explore and discover lots of new places of interest. You may render honorary services to the Association by asserting the Associations in leading in Hikes, Programme Co-ordination, membership drive, conducting slide shows, in Administration, Equipment store and its maintenance, Exploratory trek, Recce of Hikes, Educative Hikes, etc, etc.

Those who have not been member can enroll their names; your contribution helps to popularize the Association activities and also to achieve some aims and objectives of the Association. Further members are also requested to introduce and enroll their friends as GHA Members.

The Association members are forever conscious of conservation of nature and have learnt how to mould their life to be with it once in the jungles. The trails and Camping sites of the members of the Association are always left clean and free from litter.

In this the Association today has come to be very strong and united one, with full co-operation of the members, who work whole heartedly to conduct the various programmes, and it needs to be mentioned that these services are voluntary.

The Association has come up through tough programmes, full of problems and challenges which have made the members very strong.

Efforts are always on to improve upon the existing programmes, and to inculcate new ideas into them, and to have more activities, with a different tough atmosphere and rigouressness. Our base remains the same, trekking Hiking, & love for nature & our motto

Adventure is the Spirit Of Life.