At the initial stage, the Founder Members started the Association with the activity of hiking as a pleasure walk and gradually came with an idea of organizing one day hike at the State level which was mostly conducted on one of the of the Sunday every month (which is continued till date).

With by and large efforts put by the present Committee Members to let continue different activities only keeping in mind to progress our Association where in we can keep the fulfillment of the aims and objectives which Founder Members had put forth, so that the objectives behind it will reach to the generation to come.

As time proceeded, different ideas turned on and different varieties of activities flourished which we found that we are capable of organizing and conducting it successfully: and we are proud to say that till date we have organized different types of sports activities and had completed them successfully them whereby we had trained students to inculcate in such a rare sporting event where in they can survive in their natural day to day life. As on today, the Association had conducted various activities such as:

  1. One Day Hike

    One day Hike is organized on one of the Sunday of every month to a places like Doodhsagar water fall, Tambdi surla water fall, Sawari water fall , Maina Pi water fall , Oshel water fall, Kuske water fall, sosogad hill, wagheri hill, Hoolan Dongor, and so many places explored by the team of GHA time to time.

  2. Overnight Moonlight hike

    This is mostly conducted on the Full Moon night coming on the Saturday/Sunday in the Beaches, Wild life Sanctuaries, etc. In this the participants trek throughout the night in the light of full moon.

  3. Zonal Level Trekking Programmes

    These are organized in the Western Zone of India with the help of Indian Mountaineering Foundation to the places like Raigad fort, Torna fort, Alibaug fort, Pratap Gad Fort and so on.

  4. State Level Trekking Programmes

    These programmes are conducted in the Diwali vacation and are mainly for school students. It is 5 days and 4 nights Programme. In this students stay in tents in the night time and in the day time go for the trek and carry different adventure activities which includes Rock Climbing Rappelling, River Crossing, Tarzan Swing, Burma Bridge crossing , Commando Bridge Crossing, Jummaring, Pitching of tents, Monkey Bridge, Climbing by using rope ladders, Bird watching, Star Gazing and so on. This programme is organized mainly to school students to make them preparedness to rough it out to endure the stress of the trek and to have an aptitude for outdoor life, to make them physically fit and mentally strong to overcome any obstacle in life which helps them to develop their overall personality.

  5. Rock Climbing Courses

    They are conducted on Natural rock face to places like Kalay in Sanguem Taluka, Tambdi Surla in Sanguem Taluka, etc. mostly in the months of January to March.

  6. Adventure and Allied Sports Activities

    These are conducted in our Annual State Level Trekking Programmes where in includes Rock Climbing Activities, Rappelling, River Crossing, Tarzan Swing, Burma Bridge crossing , Commando Bridge Crossing, Jummaring, Pitching of tents, Monkey Bridge, Climbing by using rope ladders, and so on.

  7. High Altitude Mountaineering Trekking Programmes

    Initially, the Association was sending a team of young enthusiastic Trekkers of Goa for High Altitude Himalayan Trekking and Mountaineering Programmes to Indian Himalayas. But today our Association proved as one of the outstanding Association by organizing our own Expedition at National Level in Himalayas with the help of Indian Mountaineering Foundation.
    These Programmes are mostly organized in the month of May. The participants have to undergo through tough selection process to get selected for the above mentioned Programme.

  8. High Altitude Mountaineering Trekking Expeditions

    The Association is sending teams to High Altitude Trekking and
    Mountaineering Programmes after very tough selection for a participant to get survival against any obstacles to overcome at sub zero Temperature.
    Many teams of Association has participated and completed the Summit.

The above mentioned activities are been planned and organized keeping in mind the thought to promote this non spectacular sport of Hiking and such other allied sporting activities to popularize amongst Youngsters of Goa to promote and to gain the benefits of this sport where in they can get the physical fitness where any obstacles in their life which in turn will help them to develop their overall Personality.

Today our Association conducts Trekking Competition, Rock Climbing and Rappelling Competitions, on Natural Rocks as well as on artificial wall at state level and National Level also.