About Us

The Goa Hiking Association was founded in 1974 and was registered with Cooperative Societies Act in 1980 with Registration No 43/GOA/80 under Societies Registration 1860 and is recognized by Sports Authority Of Goa and affiliated with Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

The Founder Members, who started the Association with an idea to bring people of all wards together, take them close to the Mother Nature by organizing one day hikes; educate them about its conservation thereby creating awareness about Environment, the importance of preserving nature and environment for our future and for generations to come.

Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environment, often in mountains or other scenic terrain. People often hike on Hiking trails [A trail (also track, by way) is a path with a rough beaten or dirt / stone surface used for travels. Trails may be for use only by walkers and in some places is the main access route to remote settlements).

It is such a popular activity that there are numerous Hiking Association / Organisation worldwide. The health benefits of different types of hiking have been confirmed in studies. Some of the health benefits of hiking include, but are not limited to, losing excess weight, decreasing hypertension and improving mental health.

The Goa Hiking Association has been a pioneer for Trekking & Rock climbing activities in Goa. It was founded in the year 1974 (and was initially named as Goa Damn & Diu Hiking Association) with following Aims in mind:

  • To acquaint youth with Camping & outdoor Sport activities
  • To offer participants few days of well organized treks in the wild lap of verdant and bountiful nature.
  • To kindle in the hearts of youth the spirit of adventure
  • To introduce them to the art and technique of camping and trekking and to stress on the importance of physical fitness
  • To bring people close to the nature, educate them about its conservation
  • To inculcate a spirit of adventure and a love of nature and there by create awareness about environment
  • To encourage the qualities of courage, leadership, resourcefulness, team spirit & decision making
  • To strengthen the character of youth and thereby encouraging the qualities of leadership, courage, self confidence, cheerfulness , perseverance, tenacity, resourcefulness and a sense of responsibilities, encouraging a feeling of national integration and enhances awareness of the environment in the youth.
  • It impresses on young minds the importance of preserving nature & environment for our future and for generation to come.
  • To popularize trekking & hiking activities amongst people as a healthy outdoor spots, & to bring together people of different parts of life & states.
  • To inculcate a spirit of adventure and a love of nature and thereby create awareness about environment.
  • To introduce them to the art and technique of camping and trekking and to stress on the importance of physical fitness.
  • To teach them the elementary skills of energetic and disciplined sport of Rock – climbing.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Association organizes year round treks, besides organizes the 5 days state level trekking programme (initially named as zonal trekking programme & adventure camp) once in a year. The association trained & experienced instructors who impart elementary & practical training in Rock Climbing & Rappelling. Short 2 days camps are organized for this at a nominal fee.
Two to three day exploratory Treks are also under taken by senior members of the association to explore new places, areas of interest for hiking, trekking in Goa & the neighboring areas.

Different types of treks organized by the Association are ‘One Day Treks, ‘Overnight Moonlight Treks, Coastal Treks,’ National Himalayan Trekking Expedition, Exploratory Treks, Internationals Expedition,etc.

The representation of our Association has been Chaired by many highly dignified personalities of Goa, viz; Our Patron In Chief, Mr. Pratapsing Raoji Rane, ex Chief Minister Of Goa, Mrs Nirmala Sawant, ex Minister of Goa, Mr. Jose Phillip D’souza, ex. Minister of Goa, Mrs. Victoria Fernandes, ex Minister of Goa, Mrs. Seema Ramakant Angle, Mr. M P Tyagi, Mr. Shakti Sinha, Captain Rebello, Dr. Sitakant Ghanekar, and also many other dignities.

Goa Hiking Association apart from bringing awareness to preserving the environment equips the youth for the life ahead , acquaints them with flora & fauna, makes them learn the pleasure of wilderness and adjust to life situation face with immediate reaction have a feeling of fulfillment.

Its Trekking, Rock climbing, Wading, rummaging, rumbling and so on not for mere survival but for a life full of Adventure.

Goa abounds with beauty especially in the Interior. Where very few from civilization reach. The members of the association have explored and camped in most of Goa’s inaccessible jungles & hills in the beautiful Western Ghat Region & some parts of neighboring States also.

The Association is proud to say that it has organized the first ever Goan Mountaineering Expedition to the peak White Sail” (21,268 ft.) in the Western Himalayas.

Two teams (1987 & 1993) have successfully completed the Coastal Trek of Goa (in five days each ) from Pollem (South Border) to Tiracol spanning around 150 Kms along the entire sea face, over the tough & rouged rocks of the coastline & the lovely sandy beaches. The trekkers carried along with them their camping equipments and ration.

The Association also sends teams to the heights of the Himalayas to participate in the National Himalayan Trekking Programmes and the Himalayan Adventure Trails. The Association has so far sent teams to

  • Margen /Synnthen pass in Jammu
  • Brahma base, Sikkim.
  • Chandrakhani pass in Kulu Manali
  • Khauli pass in Kulu Manali.
  • Pindhari Glacier in Almora (U.P)
  • Kareri Lake, Dharmashala (H.P)
  • Beas Kund (H.P), Har ki dhoon (U.P)

The association also has pride in having many members undergone the basic course in Mountaineering, at the Mountaineering institutes, at Uttar Kashi , and at Manali.

As part of it’s environment conscious activities, the Association has organized many tree plantation drives and beach cleaning treks.

Today when preservation of environment and eco system is the need of the hour, the Association find itself years ahead in propagating this ideas.

There is no better way of intimate contact with nature than Hikes. During the programme our experienced Group Leader/ Programme Director conduct detailed and elaborate Orientation Progamme on how to preserve/conserve our nature, its ecological balance and to fortify our storing approach to this subject. We have an Essay and Photo Competition to increase and consolidate the awareness, that to preserve nature – environment is to preserve our future and the future of the generation to come.

Be a part of the exciting Adventure by taking initiatives and involving yourself in the GHA activities by shouldering responsibility you too can explore and discover lots of new places of interest. You may render honorary services to the Association by asserting the Associations in leading in Hikes, Programme Co-ordination, membership drive, conducting slide shows, in Administration, Equipment store and its maintenance, Exploratory trek, Recce of Hikes, Educative Hikes, etc, etc.

Those who have not been member can enroll their names; your contribution helps to popularize the Association activities and also to achieve some aims and objectives of the Association. Further members are also requested to introduce and enroll their friends as GHA Members.

The Association members are forever conscious of conservation of nature and have learnt how to mould their life to be with it once in the jungles. The trails and Camping sites of the members of the Association are always left clean and free from litter.

In this the Association today has come to be very strong and united one, with full co-operation of the members, who work whole heartedly to conduct the various programmes, and it needs to be mentioned that these services are voluntary.

The Association has come up through tough programmes, full of problems and challenges which have made the members very strong.

Efforts are always on to improve upon the existing programmes, and to inculcate new ideas into them, and to have more activities, with a different tough atmosphere and rigouressness. Our base remains the same, trekking Hiking, & love for nature & our motto

Adventure is the Spirit Of Life.

The Office Bearers

  • Mr. Pramod Kamat, President.
  • Mr. Vishwas Kadam, Vice President
  • Mr. Mangirish Pai, Secretary