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Trekking Adventures

When we talk of Hiking’, many often grumble & pass a typical comment, “What Hiking, Walking & climbing over the hills, doing nothing, a waste of time”. They never will know the thrills of trekking. For them, the best sport & source of entertainment is the Television. All will sit glued to the screen watching all the programmes avidly, ready to miss even important appointments. In the bargain, what do they get? – a lot of nonsense up their minds, eye strain, back ache, lethargy, obesity, & what not; and a waste of time.

Only those in the frame of mind where trekking & hiking fits knows the true joys & advantages of doing the sport. But alas, not the lazy ones, who know how beautiful the hills & the countryside are, but find it too tiring & boring to climb them, even before they start.

The activities related with trekking are numerous, & provide a lot of health boosters & knowledge. Scientists have proven that the greens & the blues are the most soothing colours for the eyes & mind. This is what is got from trekking – the lovely fields, the dense woody forests, vegetation, the hills all shades of green & above that a blue & white of the sky. What else would the eye & mind want. Continuity of such colors automatically relaxes the mind, puts aside many of the worries at home and provides the mind with fresh avenues to think a new. Yes, trekking is physically tiring, but that automatically puts less pressure on mental think. This is a wonderful tonic for the sedentary office goers who apply their mind too much & have no physical exercise.

Camp life’ is a totally new experience. If it be an organized camp, then the joys of sleeping in tents, making new friends, freaking out with nature, watching the birds & the trees, the bristling of the running streams, hot food provided in small plates & tea in mugs, eaten not sitting at the table, but standing or squatting on the ground. How closer can you get to Mother Nature? May be you can, when you get out for an unorganized camp. You set out, a little water in your can, clothes hurriedly dumped into your rucksack, a few vessels to cook, ration & a few odd camping material, only that can fit on your back. And you go along an expected route, with a destination in mind, no signboards to guide, at times you may meet a passer by using the same trail out in the dense forest, you don’t know if there is any wild animal in your proximity & as dusk falls you invariably get lost (not all the times of course). Then you set up your small camp there, just you & your 2-3 fellow campers. You light the fire to cook a simple meal & it issue that you have forgotten to bring an important item or two, & you make the best of what is available in your surroundings, & sometimes you cannot. You end up with salt less dal, rice, smoky food, & you are so hungry & tired that you finish it all with RELISH. You have forgotten to bring your sweater and bed sheet & you find the jungle very cold. You use your rucksack for a pillow, & you put on all the clothes you have brought, & you sleep all close to each other, one bed sheet for two people, legs popping out. And when the weather get colder at dawn, the bed sheet gets pulled this way & that. All in all, you tend to get up with the sun, you are all fresh, regenerated by the serene & pure air of the forests. You have forgotten your toothbrush & you use some twig or leaf, you set out to answer ‘nature’s call & there never was such a scene around you. The birds of huge varieties chirp all around, the weather is most pleasant, you no longer are drowsy. Streams abound in many of the places, & you carefully choose a slow running spot & eyes closed slowly wade into the chilly water, gather courage & take a sudden dip into the cold. You lose your breath, you shiver & scream in ecstasy, & in two minutes you are enjoying the cold water. Who wants the geyser? That is to be used only in the cities where the weather isn’t even cold. You dry yourself in the first new rays of the sun, & it’s a wonder, after all this you never catch a cold! This is living with nature, getting as close to it as you can get.

Our adventure trips are not always so dangerous. We try and spend out nights in the interior villages, where the people & most & unbelievably hospi­table. They are free in their talk; they hide nothing in their feelings for you. You are most welcome to sleep in their house but they are most awkward when we insist we sleep in the verandah or out in their yard. They are shocked when we persist what we cook our own food, & when we give up once in a while to their persistence, what a perfect meal we have had. The pleasure of eating at a poor man’s (& so called S.C./neglected/low class people) can be known only by doing so. You land up with a heavy stomach with their coercing to eat more & more. Yet you do not get indigestion. In return, what does the poor man want? Nothing. He expects nothing, whatever help we can render to him is given. Unfortunately, the effect of T.V. has reached the villages too, & it has become more of a curse, upsetting the rhythm of the lives of them & their children as they try to emulate the modern world. We can pitifully see the phase they are going through, & they are stunned when we tell not to go for those modern things. They are stunned at our simplicity, that we prefer to sit on the floor when offered a chair, that we prefer vegetarian food, that we do not consume alcohol, & most of all by our shabby outfits, not a care in the world, expressing our desire to stay on in the village rather than going to the wicked cities.
Trekking & camping have a lot more to teach. If you want to experience it, come out with us and we shall show you what the world also is…….

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