Are you Prepared for a Trek?

Are you ready for a Trek?

Ever since I have become a member of the Goa Hiking Association , I have had a opportunity to be associated with trekking activities in Goa, sometimes as a cialis online participant and at times as a part of organisers.

I had an occasion last few years to meet these trekkers and I found that some of them dropped out midway because of health problems. It is really sad that after having come all the way from hundreds of miles they have to drop out due to health problems. This creates inconvenience to the person as cialis online well as to the group with whom the trekkers had come from his home as well as the group with whom he goes for the trek.

I personally feel that quite a few of these problems are minor and easily manageable if a little attempt is made to prepare canada cialis online oneself for the trek.

What is the next few lines is the practical experience of the last several years.

Any trekker should consider the following points when he/she decides to go for a trek. The general points about the dress, footwear, type of trek, etc are given in the hand books cialis online rx of the most of the institutions which conduct such trekking programmes.


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